The New Oppression Olympics

2 thoughts on “The New Oppression Olympics”

  1. The one thought among many, that struck me is this. Are these people such as Amyx inviting their own discrimination so they can cry wolf? In every case of “civil disobedience” are they not impacting their own livelihoods? I don’t think so.

    For instance, Amyx own grounds of Grainger Tenn. has a population of approx. 27,000 spread over the entire county. How many LGBT people would he encounter, and of those, how many would be purchasing at his store that appears to be primarily contractor oriented? Using a 6% population ratio, there would be approx. 1600 LGBT people. How many of those would run around screaming I’m gay? So, the question of how would he know if they are gay or not has to come to the fore. Likely the only ones he might recognize would be trans and that would (again using standardized ratios of .5%) would yield 135. Of those using a 50/50 split he might encounter 63, if they had the funds to support themselves and assuming all 63 are out which is extremely unlikely.

    This is a pure publicity stunt that once again, media have been taken in hook line and sinker. This isn’t civil disobedience at all; it is media manipulation on a national scale to forward a far right agenda that has nothing to do with religion. If it was religious he would also refuse to serve Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs among others because they are not Christian.

    Once again the media falls sucker to the far right, just as they did with Jenner. These are self serving agendas with free publicity, not serving the greater good.


    1. I tend to think that the glowing press people like the Klein’s (bakers) get among the wingnut press, plus the potential for a crowdfunding jackpot, create a lot of incentive for the short-sighted.

      I don’t blame media as much, though. They’re reporting what readers are interested in knowing about, and stories like this do tend to gather traction, both from the wingnut set, and the outraged left.


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