When Nachos Attack!

Rainbow Doritos oppress Christianity (more specifically, the far right flavours thereof). At least, that’s the pronouncement of Pastor Carl Gallups, who has also written a book about how corporations persecute the church by supporting LGBT causes: “One of the ways they do this, Gallups notes, is through partnerships and funding agreements with far left activists. … Continue reading When Nachos Attack!

Gimme That End Times Religion: Inventing the Great Tribulation

If you read far right media (which I do, just as much as left-wing media), you’ve probably been hearing some very dire predictions of religious persecution in the U.S.  It has only intensified with the arrest of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.  It would seem that the sky is falling. Don’t believe me? Here is a … Continue reading Gimme That End Times Religion: Inventing the Great Tribulation

The Right Not to Learn

Brian Grasso, a freshman at Duke University, is taking a public stand against reading “Fun Home,” by Alison Bechdel, as part of his course studies.  The depictions of lesbian sexuality conflict with his moral conscience: After researching the book’s content and reading a portion of it, I chose to opt out of the assignment. My choice had nothing to … Continue reading The Right Not to Learn

Survey Says…

Have you heard?  Americans feel that religious freedom is more important than LGBT human rights, by a 4 to 1 margin. That’s according to a poll by FOX News contributor Patrick Caddell. Of course, there are some problems with the poll, such as the fact that it’s an online survey and not clear as to … Continue reading Survey Says…

“Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children..?”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is targeting the Cosmo cover.  All of them. “Still, [Dawn Haskins] explains, the problem is that in many stores the typically racy magazine cover is at eye level where children can see its inappropriate images. Hawkins says their campaign targets 30 companies that do display Cosmopolitan at eye level…” … Continue reading “Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children..?”